(Uluslararası Sağlık, Egzersiz ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi)
International Journal of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (IJOSS)

(Period: February-June-October)

Language: English-Turkish

Welcome to IJOSS Message from the Editor “ International Journal of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences IJOSS” was first published in 2024. The article publishes original, qualified and sufficient research papers in the field of physical education and sport, sport management, recreation and education of coaching to contribute to the field of sport both in Turkey and in the world. The publication language of the journal is English. The referees and editors of IJOSS are field experts and the articles are reviewed by them according to their field expertise. The main goal of IJOSS is to assure a fruitful and academic platform for the authors, referees, and the members of science and advisory board and the contributors to the enhancement of science in the light of the rules of ethics. 

We would like to welcome and thank you for your online journal interest which helped IJOSS to gain popularity and dignity among academic publications locally and internationally so that we can bring various and profound studies in the field of sport by valuable researchers. In addition to them, teachers, teacher trainers, parents, and students around the world have visited IJOSS for five years continuously. It means that IJOSS has contributed to the dissemination of new trends in sport education and research to all over the world for years. We hope that this latest issue will also follow our global educational goal.

IJOSS provides its readers with the opportunity of meeting different aspects on sport education so that they can expand their study fields. Also, the content is freely accessible without charge to the user or to his/her institution. In addition, any views expressed in this publication are the views of the authors and are not the views of the Editor and IJOSS .

IJOSS thanks and appreciates the editorial board and reviewers who have contributed a lot to the submissions of this issue for their valuable contributions.   Call for Papers

IJOSS invites you for article contribution. Submitted articles can be about all aspects of sport education. The articles should be original, unpublished, and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the time of submission to IJOSS. Manuscripts must be submitted in English.

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IJOSS is guided by it’s editors, guest editors and advisory boards. If you are interested in contributing to IJOSS as an author, guest, editor or reviewer, please send your CV to 

“Uluslararası Sağlık, Egzersiz ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi – IJOSS” ilk sayı olarak 2024 yılında yayımlandı. Dergi, fiziksel eğitim ve spor, spor yönetimi, rekreasyon ve antrenörlük eğitimi alanlarında özgün, nitelikli ve yeterli araştırma makaleleri yayımlayarak hem Türkiye’de hem de dünyada spor alanına katkı sağlamayı amaçlamaktadır. Derginin yayın dili İngilizcedir. IJOSS’un hakemleri ve editörleri alanında uzmandır ve makaleler uzmanlık alanlarına göre onlar tarafından incelenir. IJOSS’un ana hedefi, yazarlar, hakemler, bilim ve danışma kurulu üyeleri ve bilimin etik kurallar ışığında geliştirilmesine katkıda bulunanlar için verimli ve akademik bir platform sağlamaktır.



 June, 2024

 Prof. Dr. Fatih ÇATIKKAŞ

Editor in Chief